I offer quick turnaround cleans and deep clean quality: Consistently on time. Comprehensive service that I believe optimizes the time/quality equation when it comes to reducing costs for your rental business because of the benefits associated, such as reliability and fixed fees.

I follow the best practices & guidelines for Vacation Rental and Residential House Cleaning, such as: the use of approved disinfectants; sanitizing high touch points,  and preventing cross-contamination.

When it comes to general or maintenance cleaning, each home has unique requirements and different protocols to follow. Not only because of the house layout, but also people’s manners.

Let me know your requirements, cleaning expectations, and preferred cleaning  products, so we can arrange a cleaning frequency that suits your needs.

This includes cleaning that cannot be done in regular basis due to lack of time, such as lifting mattresses, moving bed frames, moving furnitures, etc to reach these neglected spots, as well as wall, ceiling and decorations cleaning, among others.

In ideal situations it should be done a few times per year in rentals, but in busy Canmore it is realistic to do it before and after high season.

In case you just need an inspection of a clean property. I go through all critic points/spots to double check and assure cleanliness & hygienic goals are met, and making sure you have a 5 stars review.

Oversee quality control including: Appliances and furniture check as they are an important part of the guests expectations.

Finally, If mistakes are found I will clean/touch up the apartment before releasing it in perfect condition for check in.

As a host you could face difficult situations where you may need a last minute clean, or need your rental cleaned after hours. When this happens, either because shortage of a cleaners available; guests leaving before planned; or other unforeseen circumstances, I can give you a hand and get the job done.

I can provide furniture assembly service, appliance mounting and fix small maintenance issues that can be solved before performing a cleaning.

I have hotel room & rental unit maintenance expertise, as result of years of work in Hospitality.

The Care and Cleaning Way

Vacation rental cleaning package

Developed with integrity to get the job done in timely manner and meet the highest standards of the Bow Valley Vacation Rental Industry. This package reflects my work vision as well as the company values ​​and it includes:

- 01
Damage/cleanliness assessment upon arrival

For guest review purposes, I will briefly describe and communicate to you the unit condition after check out, identify possible damages and visually document this information for your hosting purposes. I will identify belongings left behind by guests if applicable.

- 02
Supplies Inventory check

Reporting complimentary supplies shortages to host, so you will be updated always regarding: amenities (toilet paper, shampoo, tissues, etc) and complimentary (towel paper, coffee, tea, sugar, etc) and maintenance (bulbs, filters, etc).

- 03
Lost & Found

Items left behind or lost by guests in your property will be kept and delivered, or as arranged.

- 04
Inspection After Cleaning

With this double check, the host doesn’t need to come to inspecting and I will be the last person before the guests arrive. Assuming the responsibility that this implies, I will make sure you have 5 star service.

- 05
Handyman on the go

Small unforeseen issues such as dim lights/light fixtures, loose tap/leaks, flooded sinks, furniture screws out, etc. can be a time critical headache before an arrival. I am ready to solve them at no extra cost as long as

  1. they take short time,
  2. you have spare items handy and,
  3. the problem doesn’t need a specialist.
- 06

You want a housekeeper whom you can trust. To be trusted around your private objects, valuables, and items. You don’t want to worry about the possibility of things going missing, so honesty comes before anything, even cleaning.

For your peace of mind, I have business insurance that cover you from accidents and theft.