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    I am private party (independent professional) cleaner. I work autonomously and under recommendation. I believe in mutually beneficial long term relationship where honesty and reliability are pillars. I can assure that under my services, your rental will run smoothly. So, do not hesitate and introduce me to your property and describe your expectations.

I little bit about myself. I was housekeeper, housekeeping supervisor and housekeeping manager in a reputable resort in Canmore, where I lead the property to the best cleanliness quality in years. I have vast experience in cleaning as result but also as a process, including time under pressure and resources management.

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Why Choose Me

Extra value-added proposal to my service:

- 01
Eco Friendly Chemicals

I make sure the space is safe for you, the guests and the Bow Valley Environment. Among other benefits, indoor air quality is significantly improved and you can be assured that none of your furniture or property is damaged by any overly harsh methods and/or harmful chemicals.

- 02

State-of-the-art equipment purchased for the vacation rental business that improves the workflow as meet hygienic standards. Such as HEPA vacuums, and reusable rags and mop pads. My cleaning/disinfecting kit includes industrial grade tools and supplies to increase the efficiency and cleanse caliber according to AirBnB and VRBO recommendations. 

- 03

Cleaning protocols to ensure optimal hygienic conditions for your guests, while keeping a fast pace throughout a developed step by step cleaning process and solve unforeseens on the go.

- 04
Crazy Meticulous and Reliable

I will not leave the bathroom until the tile is perfectly shiny, taps are brand new looking or the dining room chairs are well placed. Furniture position is an essential part of the presentation and therefore in the perception of the guest.

- 05
Fit for Work

Honestly, housekeeping is one of the most hard workout. I see it in that way. It involves physical effort and dexterity at an accelerated pace. There is no experience and skills that works, if there’s not physical capacity.

- 06
Honest & Judicious

Judgment, commitment and proactivity guide my way of working. Without these there is no excellence in the final result.